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Customer Care Manager: Asia-Pacific / Australasia 4pm – 12am EST

This position is open for immediate hire.

About this role
  • Our mission at GridPane is clear… offer phenomenal support to our clients. This is at the very heart of our company’s ethos, and we offer the widest-ranging scope of support in all of WordPress hosting. Our clients expect outstanding support, and we strive to exceed those expectations. If customer service just isn’t your thing, we’re not the right place for you.
  • You will be responsible for overseeing our 2nd support shift, building our internal systems and training. You will help us build our support department into the very best the industry has ever seen.
  • You must have strong desire to build the processes, systems, and internal training for our team, and plan for the future of the support department as a whole.
  • You will be the face of GridPane and represent us every single day. You’ll be representing us to new potential clients on presale chats, and all existing clients in support tickets and chats.
  • The ideal candidate for this role is technically savvy, upbeat and positive, a consummate professional, and self-motivated.
  • This role involves a certain amount of WordPress-based troubleshooting, but our primary Scope of Support revolves around our Nginx LEMP stack and our OpenLiteSpeed stack, as well as our application through which our clients manage their servers and websites. Connecting to servers, troubleshooting via the command line, and fundamental Linux administration will be a part of your daily activities.

As a part of the support team you will:

  • Handle incoming support tickets and chats in a timely and professional manner.
  • Troubleshoot and fix both server and application specific issues.
  • Document solutions to the issues we see on support for our teammates and our clients in the form of internal training and knowledge base articles.
  • Meet our SLA’s for our clients 100% of the time.

To apply for this position must have:

  • Fluency in English with excellent written communication skills.
  • Strong troubleshooting abilities.
  • A desire and willingness to research to solve problems.
  • The commitment tollow step by step procedures for troubleshooting, testing and bug reporting.
  • The ability to organize and prioritize tasks effectively
  • The ability to thrive in a fast-paced and occasionally stressful environment interacting with multiple clients simultaneously while maintaining a professional and friendly tone.
  • Experience and working knowledge of Linux, NGINX, MySQL, and DNS.
  • An understanding of WordPress, how to use it, and how to troubleshoot it.
  • Consummate professionalism: you must be a professional and you must be dependable and reliable.

Bonus Points

  • Experience working with the GridPane platform.
  • Experience working with customers over live chat and tickets in a technical role in a fast-paced environment. Even more bonus points if your experienced in providing live support for web hosting built on a LEMP stack
  • Experience with WordPress specific web hosting
  • Experiencing building WordPress websites and an understanding of WordPress core, themes, and plugins.
  • PHP and/or MySQL debugging experience

Are you the exceptional person we’re looking for? Please send your CV and anything else (e.g. a Loom) you’d like us to see.

To apply for this job email your details to